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The embeddable email & landing page editors for SaaS

Accelerate your roadmap and give your customers a content builder they will love.


Beautiful, responsive emails & landing pages

Embed an email or landing page builder your customers will truly enjoy. And your devs too.

Gorgeous emails, mobile-ready

BEE uniquely combines design flexibility with a fantastic user experience, time tested by millions of users across hundreds of applications since 2015.

Whether they need a message for an automation campaign, a monthly newsletter, or a template for a transactional message, your customers will do it in a breeze, with eye-dropping results.

Landing pages that convert

Our Page Builder gives you the foundations for a delightful page building experience in your app. Your customers will design beautiful, effective landing pages in minutes, without writing a single line of code.

And with our Content Services API, you can easily let them go from Page to Email, and vice versa. So it’s easy to develop features to allow them to create multi-channel campaigns.

Deep integration

Take advantage of complete control on the look & feel (all the way to custom CSS) for a truly seamless integration in your application’s UI. Leverage many features that provide smart interactions between the editor and your app: load your own content, react to all sorts of events, develop custom addons, enable third-party widgets like countdown timers, etc.

Complete peace of mind

There’s a reason BEE has been adopted by leading SaaS apps around the world. We not only take care of email rendering issues and landing pages responsiveness. We're also scalable, reliable, secure. It’s peace of mind across the board. And if you need even more, ask us about our Enterprise and On-Premise versions.

High flexibility, low costs

Go from proof-of-concept to production in days, not months. BEE can be highly customized in the way it looks, what it does, and how it interacts with your application. Deliver your business exactly what it needs, with a small development effort.

Always us first

We’re part of Growens, where all business units are heavy users of our embeddable editor: over 20,000 paying customers use it both for email and landing pages, every month. If there’s a performance issue, we’re the first to hear about it. If there’s a bug, same. If it were to ever go down, we’d be the first to suffer. It’s truly honest dogfooding, and built-in insurance for you.

Already adopted by hundreds of cutting-edge SaaS applications, including...



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