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BEE Pro Agency - $120/month

Design faster, but stay in control.

Enforce branding guidelines, set up brand-specific templates, define brand access permissions for each user. Dramatically accelerate the design process, but stay in the driver's seat.

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Manage & organize multiple customer projects

Build separate creative spaces for all your different clients, brands, product lines, etc. AND define brand-specific styles, settings, and user access permissions for each.

Manage & organize multiple customer projects
Export email POWER!

Export email POWER!

Agency gives you that extra something that keeps you ahead of your competition. Easily and quickly push your email creations to your customer's preferred sending platform. For example, if you have 5 clients that use Mailchimp, you can connect each one to their specific Mailchimp account.


Agency Plan features

4 users included

The Agency plan includes 4 users in the base subscription, so you can immediately put your team to work, and boost your email & page design capacity.

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Leverage brands

Separate areas of your BEE Pro account, each with its projects, assets, users, styles, and settings. Perfect for managing clients, brands, divisions, etc.

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Brand styles & settings

Set colors, fonts, icons, merge tags, integrations with external applications, and more. Each brand is a separate environment with specific settings.

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User access control

Scale your production capacity while staying in control: add users & assign them to specific Brands (clients, business units, product lines) to restrict access when needed.

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Users roles & permissions

Choose from a list of predefined roles when creating or editing a user. Roles determine what users can or cannot do in BEE Pro.

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Increase peace of mind & boost collaboration by letting people co-edit the same email or page. No more editing conflicts: less stress, higher productivity.

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Add a comment to any element in an email or page, directly in the editor. Search across all comments, reply to an existing thread, and resolve threads where you've reached consensus.

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Mobile Design Mode

Design directly in mobile view: creating emails and pages becomes way faster as you no longer need to leave the editor to see a mobile preview. A game-changer for mobile-first campaigns.

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Version history

Want to roll back to a previous version of an email or page? View a list of previous versions (with who worked on it and when), preview it, and pick the one to restore.

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Visual feedback

Share an email visually without actually sending it, and collect feedback by allowing viewers to easily pin comments to areas of the message.

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Export to other apps

Export to your favorite marketing app. Connectors include: Mailchimp, Sendinblue, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Klaviyo, etc.

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Brand-specific apps

Need to export using multiple accounts of the same app (e.g. multiple brands all using Active Campaign)? No problem: you can use different accounts for different brands.

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